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Policy Statement For The Quality Assurance

quality assurance improvemed


The managing directors of the company:
· Have determined the level of the quality in the work produced by the company itself at a level, which is related both to the specifications of the current Greek - European Legislation, medical ethics and to the specialized requirements of the customers and
· Have documented the company policy and its objectives for the quality.
Each Head of Department has the responsibility to ensure that the quality policy objectives are understood, implemented and maintained in the area of ​​their responsibility.
The strategic objective of the company is the absolute satisfaction of the quality requirements of its customers.
More specifically, the company's regular goals are:
To carry out with constant quality the merchandizing and distribution of disposable medical devices (surgical materials-urological, neurosurgical, general surgeries, inter-operative neurosurgery and related consumables) and technical assistance in the field of inter-operative neurosurgery.
To manage in such a way that the best quality result is achieved with the optimal utilization of tangible and intangible resources.
Business executives are constantly aiming at improving the quality in their area of responsibility.
In order to achieve these goals:
· Selects collaborating businesses with specific criteria.
· Controls the merchandizing of medical devices throughout its life cycle.
· Analyzes all the risks that may occur in the company's processes and evaluates them.
· Analyzes the interaction with the company’s external factors that may affect its operation.
· Continually trains its staff in order to renew its knowledge and ensure the employees’ participation and collaboration.
· Ensures that its Quality Management System operates properly such as its annual review and improvement, ensuring the technical coverage and integrity of all its operations.

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